New Volunteers-2022

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Loaves and Fishes! Starting January 05 we will resume with our volunteer intake process.

Life as we knew it radically altered due to COVID, and like everyone else, we were forced to make drastic changes.  Happily, despite those rapid changes, we have been able to provide unbroken service to our community and beyond!

It has been challenging to do that with pared down volunteer teams, but are grateful for the volunteer power that has stuck with us!

To help meet the ongoing needs to supply food, we have cautiously and thoughtfully been opening more volunteer shifts taking all provincial recommendations for safety into account. 

Becoming a Loaves and Fishes Volunteer: 

Before becoming a volunteer with us, there are a few things which need to happen.  You will be asked to:

  • Fill out an online profile by clicking HERE
  • Supply us with a Reference with the link you will be given once you submit your profile
  • Attend an online volunteer orientation session

Volunteer Orientations are being held online 3 times/month on various days and times of day. The orientation, which is just over 90 minutes,  will help you to better understand our organization and the current opportunities.  (Click HERE to read an article one inspired volunteer wrote after attending the orientation session.)

Volunteer Tasks are varied. You can click HERE to see the type of things you might do as a volunteer.

 Thank you again for your interest in serving the community by working alongside us. We hope to hear from you soon!