Do A FundRaiser

Would You Like To Do A Fundraising Event?

One of the most exciting ways to help Loaves and Fishes is by hosting a fundraising event for us. Whether it be a large event to earn money donations for us or a simple food drive in your office or school, we will be very grateful and our Director of Development will be happy to help you in any way she can.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser for the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, please complete your application form below. It will be sent to:

Abby, Director of Development at

and she will begin the process of assisting you.

Once the application process is complete we are able to put your event onto our Events Calendar and post about it on our social media should you wish us to.

Please note our donor policies before undertaking a fundraiser:

1. Loaves and Fishes Food Bank strictly follows CRA laws and guidelines. 

2. If an event collects donations from individuals who require tax receipts a "True Donor" form provided by Loaves and Fishes must be filled out and signed by the event.

3. Without accurate "True Donor" documentation Loaves and Fishes can not issue tax receipts.

4. Further information on tax receipt regulations can be found on the link HERE

FundRaiser Application Form

Contact Information

Event Details

Briefly describe the event you would like to do

Does your event include a raffle or lottery component?
*If yes, you may be required to obtain a gaming license.


Will you be serving food as part of your event?
*If yes, you may be required to obtain a health permit.


Would you like Loaves and Fishes representatives to attend your event?


1 or 2 volunteers/staff may be available for up to 2 hours to represent Loaves and Fishes at your event. If available what would you like Loaves and Fishes representatives to do?

Are all proceeds of you event coming to Loaves and Fishes?


If no, by what method will proceeds be divided?

Please list any other businesses, community organizations or partners who will be part of your event

Signage, donation bins and info sheets are potentially available for events. Do you request any of these promotional materials from Loaves and Fishes?


If yes, which ones?

Would you like tax receipts to be provided to donors at or after your event?


Do you require electronic copies of Loaves and Fishes logos?
Logos are available in PDF, AI, JPEG or PNG formats


Loaves and Fishes is happy to promote approved events via our website and Facebook page. Please provide the exact wording you would like us to use on these mediums. 50 word max

Event Organizer Code of Conduct

As the organizer of this event, I agree to the following:

  1. Adhere to all Loaves and Fishes fundraising policies.
  2. There will be no door to door solicitation of food or funds.
  3. Online donor platforms such as Go Fund Me will not be utilized without prior approval.
  4. All promotional material will be provided to Loaves and Fishes for approval prior to distribution in the community.
  5. All promotional wording that pertains to Loaves and Fishes will be approved by the Director of Development prior to publication. 
  6. Only logos provided by Loaves and Fishes will be used.
  7. Promotional material will not state the event is presented by Loaves and Fishes, but rather state that either full or partial proceeds are to Loaves and Fishes.
  8. Arrangements will be made within 1 week of the events’ completion for proceeds of event to be provided to Loaves and Fishes.