Registering For Food At Our Free Food Market Depots:

When you register you must go to one of our open markets and bring government issued ID for each person in your group or household. We do not ask for your address or income. 

You Will Need ID Every Time You Come To Get Food:

Once your group or household is registered, the person picking up food for the household must present Government Issued ID each time they pick up.

Every 6 Months You Must Register Again:

This is to ensure that we have current information for all people in your group or household.  This also helps ensure that food is equally divided between all clients.

You Can Do A One-Time Registration:

If you are not able to provide all information for a 6 month registration, you will be given a one-time registration.  This means you will have to complete the registration process at your next visit.  A one-time registration can only be used 3 times in a 6 month period.