How much food do I get?

Loaves & Fishes Nanaimo Food Bank: Regular Hamper once every 2 weeks and the Food 4U Hamper 7 days/week.

Please see the Nanaimo schedule HERE for details.

Loaves & Fishes Port Hardy Food Bank: Regular Hamper once every 4 weeks and the Food 4U Hamper every opening (every other Wednesday)

Please see the Port Hardy schedule HERE for details.

When you get your regular hamper your next pick up date is printed on your ticket.  Please hold on to this ticket for your reference.  

*All Loaves & Fishes free food market locations are set up with a shopping model. You will be able to choose your own food*

The amount you receive each visit depends on the size of your group or household.

What is a Regular Hamper?

A Regular Hamper is non perishable food such as canned goods AND perishable food such as fruit, vegetables & bread

What is a Food 4U Hamper?

The Food 4U Hamper is fruit, vegetables, bread and possibly other items of which we have surplus. The Food 4U Hamper is available each time a Loaves & Fishes food distribution depot is open.

Loaves & Fishes does not check incomes or addresses. Only one piece of government issued ID in your group our household is required.