Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers!

You can feed your animals and/or compost AND help Loaves & Fishes too! 

Note: Anyone with livestock or compost is welcome

Holiday Schedule for Farmers:

December 5th - 9th (9am - 3pm)

December 12th -16th (9am - 3pm)

December 19th - 22nd (9am - 3pm)

December 23rd (9am - 12 noon ONLY)

December 26th - 30th (9am - 3pm)

*January 2nd returns to the regular 9am - 3pm schedule Monday - Friday*

To minimize waste, Loaves and Fishes makes food that is unfit for human consumption available to local farmers. This food can be collected at our 210 Fry Street warehouse 9am - 3pm Monday through Friday.

Come to our warehouse office speak with us to fill out an application form.