Please note: December 9th is the LAST DAY for our regular schedule. Starting December 10th free food markets will be operating on the Christmas schedule. December 9th is the LAST DAY for Agencies to collect food from the warehouse. Regular operations resume Tuesday, January 3rd.

All clients are asked to bring recycled or reusable bags to our free food markets to help pack food items. 

Depot Schedule

Nanaimo Free Food Market Depot Schedule

The last day for regular hampers will be Dec 9th. After that day, food will be available on our Christmas schedule. 

*Appointments can be made 8 days in advance only. If the upcoming day is fully booked or not available for booking yet, a notice will read "No times" that month. Check back 8 days in advance of the next available date.*

Monday:  Farquhar Street Depot (1009 Farquhar St) - 5pm - 7pm - drop in

                * Christ Community Church (2221 Bowen Rd) - 1pm - 2pm - appointment only click HERE

Tuesday: * St Paul's Lutheran Church (394 Shepherd Ave) - 11am - 12pm - appointment only click HERE

                  Nanaimo Alliance Church (1609 Meredith Rd) - 1pm - 2:30pm - drop in

                 * St Philip Anglican Church (1797 Cedar Rd) - 3pm - 4pm - appointment only click HERE

Wednesday: Farquhar Street Depot (1009 Farquhar St) - 10am - 2pm - drop in

Thursday:  Farquhar Street Depot (1009 Farquhar St) - 1pm - 3pm - drop in

                    Neighbourhood Church (4951 Rutherford Rd) - 6:30pm - 8:00pm - drop in

Friday:  Salvation Army Church (505 Eighth St) - 1pm - 2:30pm - drop in

            * St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (4235 Departure Bay Rd) - 12pm - 1pm - appointment only click HERE

Saturday: Generations Church (1300 Princess Royal Ave) - 11am - noon - drop in

Sunday: * Maranatha Church (6553 Portsmouth Road) - 2pm - 3pm - appointment only click HERE

3rd Party Pickup is available with the household or group's IDs OR photocopy of IDs and those picking up must show their ID as well. We cannot accept pictures on cell phone.

Maximum 3 households per 3rd Party Pickup.