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Community Partners

*Please note: The last day for Community Partner shopping in the warehouse is Thursday, November 30th. The warehouse will re open to Community Partners on Tuesday, January 2nd*

Loaves & Fishes provides food support free of charge to over 100 organizations, reaching over 30 different communities on Vancouver Island. In 2022, we provided $2.2 Million worth of free food to our Community Partners. 

Book an Appointment:

If you are already registered as a Community Partner and you want to collect free food from our warehouse at 210 Fry Street in Nanaimo, make an appointment by clicking  HERE

What are Community Partners?

Community Partners have access to our free food services through many avenues such as: shopping in warehouse, ordering online, and delivery. We provide free food to our Community Partners on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Agencies that apply and receive approval, are now considered “Community Partners” with Loaves & Fishes.

How to enroll your organization as a Community Partner:

To become a Community Partner with Loaves & Fishes, the following requirements must be met and the steps below must be taken.


For organizations to receive food support from Loaves & Fishes, the organization must be one of the following:

1) A registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or

2) A municipal or public body performing a function of government in Canada (i.e., school or indigenous community).

Capacity: For organizations applying to receive food, Loaves & Fishes management team must assess the capacity of our current operations with trucking schedules (pickups and deliveries), trucking availability, and amounts of food to determine the viability of taking on a new Community Partner.


1)    The organization must fill out the Community Partner application form HERE

*If your organization would like to collect food from our Port Hardy Harvest Building, please fill out this application form HERE

2)     Await response from Community Partner Manager regarding status and update of application.

3)     If the application is approved, you will receive the appropriate details regarding access to food.

4)     Access free food!

To reach the Community Partner department, contact:

Joel Hampson
Community Partners Manager