Vancouver Island change community

Free Food Delivery
once per month delivery
see details for dates

Loaves & Fishes delivers free food to clients in Woss from 10:30am - 12pm

Food is delivered to volunteers at 1009 Englewood Drive who then deliver to your door on the following dates:

2024 Delivery Schedule:

(2nd Wednesday of each month)

Jan 10, Feb 14, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11

Please note: Food boxes are delivered once a month with the intention of providing double the amount of some items available in our other free food markets (ie. canned and packaged goods and frozen meat). You have a choice of being on the Woss delivery program OR accessing hampers in the north island free food markets, but not both.

To register for food, please fill out the online form HERE


  • Sunday : Closed
  • Monday : Closed
  • Tuesday : Closed
  • Wednesday : 10:30am - noon
  • Thursday : Closed
  • Friday : Closed
  • Saturday : Closed