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New Warehouse Project

We are over half way to being able to build the new warehouse and we need your help!

Good food shouldn't go to waste when it can instead, be given to people in need. Loaves & Fishes knows that nobody needs to go hungry on Vancouver Island with your help! We are incredibly thankful for the support we have received so far:

The City of Nanaimo has provided the land at 1861 East Wellington Rd in Nanaimo to build the warehouse. The Regional District of Nanaimo given $300,000 to help with design and development costs. The Government of BC invested $7 million towards construction costs. We expect a building permit to be issued May, 2024 and we need your help!

Loaves & Fishes has officially requested the final $7 million from the Government of Canada to be able to break ground on this facility. 

To learn more about how you be part of this movement of stopping food waste and ending hunger across Vancouver Island, call our office: 250-754-8347 or email

More information can be found in the offical letter link on this page as well. 

A letter to our supporters

To read the official letter we're requesting for support for the new warehouse project.  Click HERE